Optimize Your IT By Empowering Students

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IT Admins for K-12 school districts are consistently required to do more with less. When time consuming tier 1 support threatens your productivity for essential projects, it's time to find innovative solutions: Solutions like empowering students as your tech support team. 

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  • Identify whether this solution will fit your needs 
  • Garner support among school administration, key decision makers, and potential members of your student team
  • Demonstrate potential ROI using the examples laid out within this eBook
  • Develop your program's structure to benefit IT efficiencies and student learning alike
  • Optimize your processes to grow team effectiveness and develop students' skills
Packed with expert insights from the frontlines of this innovative approach to optimizing tier 1 tech support using FileWave, this eBook will help you transform your processes and enhance STEM curriculum within your schools. Save your organization time and money by empowering students using this helpful guide.  

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